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The adult industry has never been more legally complex. No matter what area of the adult industry you are involved in, our office and adult entertainment attorney Corey D. . Finally, we want you to succeed in this amazing industry. We view our role as one in which we keep you out of trouble and create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable discussing any issue. Many of our clients comment on the fact that we do not "act like lawyers." Don't be shy or worry about talking to us about your site or content ideas.

The Purpose of Hiring an Adult Entertainment Lawyer NYC. The main reason for hiring the best entertainment attorney New York can provide has to do with the fact that there are strict rules and regulations in place to prevent the abuse of minors and other participants in the process of conducting activities pertinent to adult entertainment. Escaping highly regulated government intervention, regulation in the adult film industry has been limited to preventing child pornography. In the United States Code of Regulations, under title Title 18, Section 2257, no performers under the age of 18 are allowed to be employed by adult industry production companies. The failure to abide by this.

legal Representation for the Adult Industry Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Adult Entertainment Lawyers Since 1984, the attorneys of Benjamin, Aaronson, Edinger & Patanzo, P.A. have proudly protected the First Amendment rights of individuals and business owners in communities throughout Florida and. The attorneys at Randazza Legal Group focus their practice on adult entertainment law. Adult entertainment companies, just as other businesses, require tax and employment law advice, intellectual property protection, and other assistance.