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Dec 08, 2007 · im starting to hate adult swim for playing all the bleach episodes up to 52 and then just stopping it without any warning or telling us when it might be back on: [. Update: does anyone know if theyre ever gonna release the dubbed episodes passed ep 52 cuz i Status: Open. bleach is shown rather randomly at night on adult swim, a block on cartoon network. I don't believe bleach is shown anywhere else on the tv, and you'll have to watch bleach at 1:00 in the morning.

Clips of "Bleach" Can be watched on Adult Swim, which is on Channel 32 CABLEVISION at 12:00 pm EST every saturday. Full episodes and clips can be watched there. Jan 05, 2008 · Answers. Best Answer: The new episodes are coming back March 1st! (yay!) Well, technically the show returns today at 11:00 starting on episode 45 but new episodes start on March 1st which is awesome! It ended at episode 52 where Renji goes towards Rukias execution hoping to save her. Byakuya refuses to let him go and stops him.Followers: 1.

Dec 02, 2007 · Just when the heck will Bleach come back on adult swim? Did Death Note really replace it? Are the Bleach English dubs canceled or what??? I must.