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The adult day care costs for each state are listed according the the cost of adult day care in the state. The list of adult day care cost allows you to see how costs vary across the country. Cost of Delaware Adult Day Care Centers. According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of adult day care in Delaware is $1,500 per month. The monthly base rate for Delaware adult day care is typically lower when compared to neighboring states. Delaware is also more expensive compared to the national average.

Adult Daycare in Delaware. Delaware has 7 adult daycare facilities, with 114 total senior housing providers serving the state. Costs of adult daycare facilities in Delaware generally range from $1,500 to $1,500 per month, with the median cost coming in around $13,000 yearly. Adult Day Care Costs Adult day care is usually payed on a daily or hourly basis. According to the Administration for Community Living, the average cost per day is around $25 to over $100, depending on the services offered.Adult day care costs can also vary .

Adult Daycare in Wilmington, Delaware. We found 2 results for adult daycare in Wilmington, Delaware. We have also included 18 results in surrounding areas. Adult daycare costs in Delaware range from around $50 to $50 per day, with a median expenditure running around $50. The monthly cost averages about $1,500 and ranges between $1,500 and $1,500. About the 2019 Cost of Care data The Cost of Care survey is an annual survey to measure the relative cost of child care in the U.S. and how care impacts families’ budgets and employment. The 2019 Cost of Care survey captured responses from 4,146 parents in the United States during the month of April 2019.Author: Care.Com.

Average Cost of Child Care In Delaware County Below are the average weekly rates of child care in Delaware County. For more information on the average cost of child care contact a day care specialist at 607-746-1620 or toll free at 1-877-746-2279 or email us at [email protected] In order to protect yourself from the financial obligations and legal implications that are associated with the liabilities you face, having the right type of adult daycare insurance Delaware coverage is essential. Adult daycare insurance Delaware protects your facility from lawsuits with rates as low as $77/mo. Get a fast quote and your 4.8/5(115).

In doing so, this reduces the number of nursing home admissions which are paid for (or will eventually be paid for) by Medicaid. Therefore, paying for adult day care is, in fact, a cost saving measure for most Medicaid programs because the cost of adult day care is minor when compared to the cost of full-time nursing home care. The State of Delaware Office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) licenses child care facilities in Delaware. These facilities include: Family child care homes, Large family child care homes, Day care centers, Residential child care facilities, Day treatment programs, Child placement agencies and .