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Listening to native English speakers helps ESL students improve their enunciation, pronunciation and natural flow of words. 8 Creative ESL Listening Activities for Adults. We’ve established that adults – like kids – benefit from interesting listening exercises and engaging lessons. “Ok great, I . 3 Quick and Engaging Word Games to Play with Adult Learners. If you aren’t in the habit of playing games with your adult ESL students, don’t be scared to introduce a game or two at the end of class. I love to have a few game options for every lesson that I plan. While I may not be able to play all (or any) of them that day, they’re a.

These ESL activities give students a chance to use what they have been studying and really make it ‘theirs,’ so they can draw on it when needed in their lives. They provide a variety of ways to practice structures and vocabulary students have been learning, at first with some guidance, then more and more independently. Your adult students crave conversation more than anything else.. Career-minded businesspeople, retirees and young adults itching to travel, immigrants living in a new country—they all want practical English that will keep them involved a meaningful discussion and not sidelined by the inability to engage.. A bit of conversation in the classroom goes a long way.Author: Stephenseifert.

In many cases, in higher education today, teachers usually deal with two types of students. These are the pre-adults or those people call traditional students, and the adults, or those they call non-traditional students. For adult learners, making writing mistakes of any kind is a source of anxiety and confusion, and often contributes to their inability to open up not only to writing Cited by: 7.