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Ask Your Medical Provider. While the above offers can be a good way to get free samples, it is also advisable to bring up your interest in free samples of adult diapers when discussing your incontinence-related healthcare concerns with your family doctor. He or she may have samples in-stock, be able to provide you with coupons, Author: Mary White. If you qualify for one of their diaper studies, you will receive FREE diapers and get paid for your participation! I just completed my first study with them, and it was super easy! They sent me three packs of diapers (60 total), all the same brand (although they didn’t tell me what brand it was).

Jan 08, 2012 · They are always looking for different sized children to test their diapers and training pants on. If you qualify for one of the studies they will send you anywhere from one (1) to six (6) bags of FREE diapers AND after the study is completed you will receive a $10 check. Apr 04, 2015 · I was looking at the videos section when the thought hit me, what if I were to be in a job where all I did was test adult diapers? I can see some pros and cons to it. The pros I think would be that I would get to wear as many diapers as I wanted to, and use them without fear, and get paid for it.

They will provide 20 diapers in exchange for your experience with and opinion of the diaper changes. Upon completion of the trial, they will compensate you with a $25 gift certificate. I don’t know how many they will be choosing, but if you have little ones in diapers this would be worth a shot! Sep 28, 2011 · Title says it all, a lady got paid to wear diapers. If only:beg: Woman Felt Forced to Wear Diapers to Work | NBC Philadelphia. Menu. Forums. New posts Search forums. Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little Sep 28, 2011 #4 Wow, I would wear them in a heart beat. I could get the thickest ones possible like Bambino or Abri so they hold a lot.

Get Paid to Test out Free Diapers March 19, 2009 By: Briana Carter 20 Comments We no long need diapers (YAY!) but many of you are on the lookout for diaper deals.Author: Briana Carter. Are you wondering how to get paid to review products at home? Yes, you can get paid to test products for FREE! Top Brands need people like you to review their new products not yet on the market and you will get paid.

Jul 19, 2019 · For years I have been testing and reviewing new products at home for extra money. It is fun and rewarding to be able to get paid cash or other rewards for trying out new products and giving my opinion before they hit the market! May 20, 2008 · How can you get paid to wear diapers.? I am disabled and have to wear diapers 24/7. I have heard of people getting paid to "test" diapers which woul dbe great cause they are expensive. Follow. 2 answers 2. Report Abuse. some adult likes to wear diapers and you want the taxpayers to pay for them. GO TO THE DAMN BATHROOM LAZY A S S.Status: Open.