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In 1979, the Illinois Probate Act was amended to provide statutory protection for disabled persons. Entirely new forms of guardianship were established. Most importantly, new procedures for the appointment of guardians and for the supervision of disabled persons and their estates were created. Successor Guardianship A petition and order are provided to assist in naming a successor guardian upon the death, resignation or removal of a guardian. Death of a Ward Guardianship terminates upon death of the ward. A petition to notify the court of the ward’s death and close the guardianship case is attached. Probate Forms. Cook County. DuPage County.

In most cases, a court hearing is required to terminate a guardianship over an adult. Anyone - a guardian, a relative, or the subject of the guardianship - can file papers asking the judge to decide whether a guardianship is still needed. 1. Gather information. To get guardianship of an adult, you will need to fill out several court forms and file them in court. To do this, you will first need to gather the following information: An estimate of the total value of the adult's personal assets, including bank accounts and cars.

In order to initiate an adult guardianship proceeding in Illinois, the person seeking to be appointed as guardian must file a Petition for Guardianship with the appropriate court. The goal of this article is to explain how to prepare and file a petition for adult guardianship in Illinois. rative effort of several guardianship professionals, caseworkers, attorneys and administrators, and is dedicated to each IGAC em-ployee. This booklet answers questions commonly asked about Illinois guardianship for persons with disabilities. If you require more detailed information, please refer to the Probate Act of Illi-.

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