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Young Adult Pregnancy mod? I am looking for a mod that allows YAs to get pregnant. Is there such a thing? I play with Squinge's Mega College Pack that allows YAs to live in the main neighborhood, so there wouldn't be any issues with sims leaving campus. Young adults can't get pregnant in the sims 2 since they don't age like the other sims. Can the sims 2 university students get pregnant?, The Sims 2 Questions and answers, PC.

The Sims 2; Pregnant Young Adult Sim? User Info: vermiciousk. vermiciousk 9 years ago #1. Hello all, So I have a female sim who's currently at Sims State University. One thing I've noticed that weird is that she has been running to the toilet to throw up with the baby and question mark thought bubble over her head. She's been doing this for a. Downloads / Sims 2 / Clothing / Female / Young Adult / Outerwear. Searching for 'pregnancy'.

Version YA-pregnancy-AL. Young adults may roll wants to have children. Try for baby interactions are available to young adults (whether on campus or not). Actions are NOT autonomous. Sims can take other sims with them, except for young adults that haven't graduated yet. They can choose who to take along and even move out the whole household.