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Jan 02, 2013 · Young adult definition, a teenager (used especially by publishers and librarians). See more. young adult definition: 1. a person who is in his or her late teenage years or early twenties: 2. books written for readers in their late teenage years or early twenties. Learn more.

A person between the ages 18 to mid-to-late twenties who is in the life stage of finding where they fit in life. These people are in the process of getting secondary education, graduating, finding jobs, keeping jobs, building careers, getting fucked by student loans, and learning about relationships. This age group usually realizes they have commitment issues and make up for their lack of. Young adult definition: an age group including persons from about 12 years to about 18 years old: used as a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Definition of adult_1 noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Urban slang that is short for young'n, which is short for young one. An integral part of DC slang.

The 100 Best Young-Adult Books of All Time We’re living in a golden age of young-adult literature, when books ostensibly written for teens are equally adored by readers of every generation. Jan 08, 2009 · Porn Glossary: From A to you don’t want to know In an effort to sort through the lingo being bantered about by both the adult stars and the journalists covering them, we’ve compiled this Author: Las Vegas Weekly Staff.

‘But the reality is that young adult fantasy franchises are notoriously difficult to launch.’ ‘2013 was a year stuffed with high-profile film adaptations of young adult bestsellers.’ ‘This is one of those cutesy, overwritten, young adult, rom-coms that seem to be modelled on an old episode of Dawson's Creek.’. Define adult. adult synonyms, adult pronunciation, adult translation, English dictionary definition of adult. n. 1. One who has attained maturity or legal age. 2. Biology A fully grown, mature organism. adj. 1. Fully developed and mature. 2. Relating to, intended.