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Sperm. The male reproductive cells that fertilize a woman’s egg. The sperm head carries genetic material (chromosomes); the midpiece produces energy for movement; and the long, thin tail wiggles to propel the sperm. Surrogate. A surrogate is a type of gestational carrier who both provides the egg . Sperm is the male sex cell, which carries the 23 chromosomes not supplied by the female egg. The genetic material in sperm carry the genes that determine sex, to name one.

A human sperm cell and an egg cell each normally carry 23 chromosomes each. Humans have a total of 46 chromosomes, and that is what you get when you add a sperm cell and an egg cell together. What sex chromosome does a female egg carry? How many sex chromosomes does an egg or sperm carry? two (2) What percentage of egg cells carry an x-chromosome? 100%. What percentage of egg cells carry a y-chromosome? 0%. MCAT Biology | Kaplan Guide. KaplanTestPrep. $1.99. STUDY GUIDE. Genetic disorders 14 53 terms.

that 2 cells (sperm & egg) must meet to make 1 new organism -when a haploid sperm fertilizes a haploid egg, the offspring will have 2 sets of chromosomes: now diploid Sexual reproduction & meosis. X or Y sperm? A man's sperm contains 22 chromosomes as well as either an X- or a Y-chromosome. A woman's egg contains 22 chromosomes plus an X-chromosome. The sperm that fertilises the egg determines the baby's sex. If the sperm carries an X-chromosome the baby will be XX and will become a .

Nov 25, 2008 · Best Answer: No, all sperm cells from a man do not carry exactly the same DNA. This might not be the best analogy, but here goes: A body cell contains 2 sets of chromosomes (one from the person's mom and one from the person's dad) and each set contains 23 different chromosomes.Status: Open. Classically, sperm were seen as transcriptionally inactive vehicles for delivering the paternal haplotype to an egg. Yet, it has become apparent that sperm also carry thousands of different RNAs, and the functions of most of these are unknown.Cited by: 29.

The sperm cells have only 23 chromosomes, or half of the usual number. When a sperm cell unites with the ovum, which also has 23 chromosomes, the resulting 46 chromosomes determine the offspring’s characteristics. The sperm cells also carry the X or Y chromosome that determines the .