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duck breast with peach cream sauce - Duck with Red Wine Cream Sauce Recipe

Apr 15, 2015 · Duck Breast With Peaches. Grilled duck breasts are tender and deeply flavorful, the perfect meat to go with juicy ripe peaches and just a few simple seasonings. Unlike chicken breasts, duck breasts have a thick layer of fat on one side of the meat, which keeps the meat from drying out and adds a big punch of flavor – it’s especially great. 4 boneless duck breast halves (8-10 ounces each) Salt and ground black pepper; 3 shallots, minced; Recipe-Duck with Red Wine Cream Sauce (1), Red Wine Cream Sauce (1), Duck with Sauce (1) Related Items. Classic (Rendered) Duck Fat. Graisse de Canard Gold® is a classic rendered duck fat that is perfect for confits and general sautés. Our.