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injecting clitoris with testosterone - Possible Side Effects of Testosterone Injections - Common & Less Common

Jan 17, 2019 · Testosterone can lead to serious problems with the heart, brain, liver, endocrine, and mental health systems. Stopping testosterone may also lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Testosterone injections have also been linked to a condition called pulmonary oil microembolism (POME), or a blood clot in the lung that can be fatal.7.3/10. How to Give Yourself a Testosterone IM Injection - 2 - Injection Site Vastus lateralis muscle in the thigh: Choose this site if are injecting to yourself, or if a caregiver gives you the injection. Look at your thigh and divide it horizontally into 3 equal parts. The injection will go in outer middle third. The thigh is a good place to give.

How to Avoid and Minimize Side Effects of Testosterone Injections. The best way to minimize or avoid the risk of side effects of testosterone injections in males or adverse reactions from the cream for women is to work with a physician who is a hormone replacement therapy specialist. In this way, the proper dosage can be carefully prescribed. Testosterone injections for women are administered as a therapeutic measure to treat hormonal problems. Take a look at the effects of testosterone on women, along .

Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions: Dr. Crane on clitoris testosterone before and after: not a usual occurrence so perhaps a visit with a Doctor would be best.