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A double feature of files with a shared theme of light humiliation, brainwashing, and conditioning. Tell Me What You Are: You are asked to call and respond, making statements about your own ever-rising brainwashing. You achieve deeper and deeper states of arousal, . VIVE Hypnosis – Free erotic hypnosis mp3. Hello I am ViVe – Let me welcome you to my free erotic hypnosis site. Inside, you will find a large variety of hypnosis files tailored to multiple fetishes. You can sort through the audio files by clicking on the appropriate tags listed.

Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy the free erotic hypnosis mp3´s of our experienced hypnodommes. Take care you are undisturbed while listening, Just let go and dive into the realm of real erotic hypnosis. It is also advisable for a deep trance experience to wear stereo head phones. Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on Twitter. After five successful years, we have received the international Venus Award for the most innovative product of the year 2015.We would like to thank all of our fans for their loyal support! We are constantly working on increasing our assortment of erotic hypnosis-MP3 and continue to insist on providing our listeners with safe and high quality MP3 audio books.5/5.

In our shop for erotic hypnosis, fetish audio plays and femdom hypnosis MP3, you will find a vast variety of different hypnosis downloads for any fetish. Particularly if you have a desire that cannot be easily fulfilled in real life – for example BDSM or feminization fantasies you don’t dare to try for real.5/5. Welcome to the home of my audio recordings! Here you can find and download studio-quality audio files featuring my amazing voice. Each file is lovingly recorded in my home studio and edited with a an obsessive perfectionist’s care.