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Description This is a very tough thumb. It bolts on within minutes. You will be able to pick up rocks, logs, and other items within minutes.The mechanical thumb for a backhoe attaches to the boom and has 5 possible positions to help you stabilize materials which are hard to control.5/5(1). Kubota: Backhoe Thumb, Part # WeldThumb Buy Online & Save. Our weld-on thumb can be added to any backhoe with a flat 5x15" surface on the bottom of the boom. Its built from 3/8 -> 1/2 laser cut.

Don't let the size of the Kubota B26 Backhoe fool you. This machine can handle a variety of applications from personal to commercial use. Whether your moving manure on a farm or digging drainage systems for a client the versatility of the B26 Backhoe will prove useful. By attaching a thumb from MiniExcasvatorThumbs.co. BXpanded Barracuda Mechanical Backhoe Thumb for BX22, BX23, BX24, BX25, BX25D, BX23S. Click here for BX25D and BX23S factory mount mechanical thumb. Any back hoe thumb can pick up a stick or a rock. Not all can grab and hold like the BXpanded Barracuda Back Hoe Thumb.5/5(16).

Barracuda Factory Mount Back Hoe Thumb Mahindra 26B Back Hoe Price: $369.00 Barracuda Factory Mount Back Hoe Thumb for Kubota BH65, BH70, BH76, BH77. Bolt-on Backhoe Thumb ; Fits: Kubota BH75, BX25, BX24, BX23, BX22, BT601, BT751. Woods DH6000 Groundbreaker Backhoe. Mahindra 1710 Backhoe. This may fit other machines as well if the width of the backhoe arm is 3".

Thumb Clamp for Kubota Excavator Kubota has become a leading brand of Light duty construction equipment of the past few years. Their mini excavators are popular among contractors and landscapers alike. This is due to the power and performance at a value that is hard to match on new equipment in the industry. We have s.