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Jun 12, 2016 · Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence [Nancy Manahan, Rosemary Keefer Curb] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Out of print for two decades, Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence, the explosive international best-seller3.9/5(25). This eye opening book is a compilation of 50 lesbian nuns personal accounts of their years in the convent. I'm not rating this book on the writing since each nun writes so differently, but on the main points put forward. Some of the essays are poorly written, and it's somewhat hard to understand the gist.3.9/5(33).

Manahan writes in an introduction to the book, which she edited with another ex-nun, Rosemary Curb, that its purpose is “the breaking of the historic silence about erotic love between women in Author: ANN JAPENGA. "Oblivious to the controversies that surrounded the initial publication of Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence, whether they originated within the Catholic Church or the lesbian feminist movement, thousands of readers across the decades have embraced the book and found their lives changed by 3.9/5(25).

Jan 14, 2017 · At the LGBT spirituality blog, Jesus in Love, Kittredge Cherry offered a poignant remembrance this week of Jeanne Cordova, a lesbian advocate who had been a Catholic nun and who contributed to former woman religious and lesbian woman who was a contributor to the groundbreaking 1985 book, Lesbian Nuns: Breaking the Silence. Cordova passed away a year ago this past week.