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Aug 12, 2011 · Scent of Eros for Women is a great pheromone perfume created by the well-known pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, author of the definitive pheromone primer, The Scent of Eros. Scent of Eros for Women has a light floral scent and comes highly concentrated with pheromones that help bring men's attention to you.3.1/5(26). Mar 19, 2014 · Scent of Eros was created by well-known pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, author of the definitive book on pheromones by the same name. Scent of Eros is 100% guaranteed to change your social life or your money back.2.5/5(14).

Versace Eros is a fragrance for a strong, passionate man, who is master of himself. Eros interprets the sublime masculine through a luminous aura with an intense, vibrant, and glowing combination of fresh mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, and green apple.4/5. Scent of Eros Unscented includes the effective pheromone formula found in Scent of Eros for Men and Scent of Eros for Women, but without the mixed-in fragrances. If you like the effects of the scented Scent of Eros products, but want to try them with your own fragrance, this product is for you!Brand: JV Kohl.

Versace Eros Flame, is a flanker to the original masculine Eros from 2012. While the pillar is an aromatic-fougère, the new scent goes into a totally different direction with citrusy, spicy, woody, and ambery accords, described as "cold and hot, sweet and spicy, light and shadow." The concept is 3.1/5(363). Named after the Greek god of love, Versace Eros makes you feel larger than life. Mint, green apple, tonka bean, Madagascar vanilla and veviter scent notes all contribute to its mystical, captivating scent.4.8/5(13).