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"Regardless *confession* we actually had sex less than a week after, but not because we were "horny" it was because we needed comfort in a much more intimate way. " This. We had sex 3 weeks after my emergency c-section at 26 weeks. Just a little piece of normal during all the chaos. I know my doctor said no sex for 4-6 weeks after my cesarean surgery but are orgasms in general bad for my healing or is it just the penatration of intercourse that is "bad". So is it ok to have an orgasim with in those 4-6 weeks as long as I am not having intercourse.

Jun 15, 2017 · "After a C-section the uterus, which is a big muscle, has been surgically repaired and stitched together." Basically, having an orgasm might not only be painful, but physically damaging.Author: Sarah Hosseini. I had my first (non-penetrating) orgasm 2.5 weeks after c-section. I did have some contractions but nothing too unbearable. We had sex for the first time at 4 weeks PP. It was a bit painful so we didn't finish. We tried again two days later and it was fabulous!

Sep 21, 2011 · A woman can have an orgasm anytime after a c-section, and some women have an orgasm from breastfeeding.As far as having intercourse after a c-section, different doctors will tell you different things, partly because we don't know for sure. Sep 08, 2014 · Amelia Grace born via c-section 7/19/14 5 points · 4 years ago The uterus is still recovering from a major, invasive surgery, and a woman's uterus contracts when she orgasms. These contractions can be painful even after the grace period, so orgasming before is .

Nov 28, 2015 · This is an old thread I know but was searching for answers to this myself. I had an orgasm 2 weeks prior to my c section but when I stood up afterwards I nearly passed out! Feeling fine now but hoping it doesn't happen next time. If you have recently given birth by cesarean section, also known as a c-section, you might have questions about how and when to resume your sex life.You may assume that since you did not have a vaginal birth that you can have sex right away—this is not true, though it is a common misunderstanding.

There's no one time that's perfect for every individual wanting to have sex after a C-section, but many women will wait 4-6 weeks. Don't worry, here's how to enjoy sex after a C-section. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Jacobs on masturbation after c section: This is one of the most basic questions that your OB should have already told you before you were discharged from the hospital, usually after your OB does your 6 week post partum check then if that is normal it will be ok to resume, but your doc may give u the.