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Dec 13, 2017 · It featured films that had barely made it to video and hours of one-off Christmas specials. Now, 63% of Christmas TV is repeats of things like Dads . Paper snowflakes and ornaments and tinsel, oh my! During the Christmas season, there’s no shortage of disposable decorations. Most stores ramp up their holiday marketing ahead of Christmas, just begging customers to indulge in the latest and greatest holiday-themed items to .

Nov 20, 2011 · christmas sucks because we made it suck. we damn fucked up the holiday with commercialism and greed. the damn fuckin’ pc dweebs also fucked up christmas by eliminating the very meaning of the holiday; the birth of jesus. it goddamn sucks when schools can no longer play christmas songs during winter concerts. i feel sorry for santa. why. #1 – And the number one reason Christmas sucks (but we love it anyway) because we have to wait 353.25 days to do it all again. Happy Holidays from me and all of us at dt. Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good site 😉.