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The priority of love for the Christian is unquestionable, and the cause of love is advanced by telling the truth with grace and compassion. As for same-sex “marriage,” we see no place for it within the context of a Christian worldview. According to the Bible, marriage is heterosexual by definition. Jesus, when expressing his understanding. Same sex marriages must satisfy criteria other than emotion. A marriage is more than a sexual pleasure center. A marriage is a social unit that is interwoven with dozens of other lives. Same sex marriages do not last. Less than 5% of gays have ever had a relationship that lasted 3 .

Jul 22, 2019 · I’ve worked up a good lather in the so-called “culture war” around homosexuality and same-sex marriage for about two decades now. And I’m just as committed to the Christian view on sexuality as I am to engaging the issue in spirited and civil debate. Where should we, as Christians, stand on gay marriage? A Christian can come at the issue of gay marriage from several different directions. The Sympathetic To a person—Christian or not—who is an integral, loving part of the world, gay marriage almost makes sense. "God is the god of love," people say.

Problems with Gay Marriage From a Christian worldview perspective, there are several serious problems with the concept of homosexual marriage. These problems are wide ranging in their scope. The first problem is pretty straightforward. The Bible teaches that engaging in homosexual . Responding as a Christian to Same-Sex Marriage. Homosexuality is such an emotionally-charged issue that it’s increasingly difficult to discuss it rationally. Here, Pastor Lutzer provides a few guidelines and thoughts to help you consider and develop your response.

Jul 19, 2019 · Christian news and views about Same-Sex Marriage. The best articles from Christianity Today on Same-Sex Marriage.